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FME plug to CRC9 (SMB) cable


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This adapter allows to connect antennas with FME connectors to Huawei GPRS/UMTS modems (to enable/improve connectivity in "difficult" environments).
List of modems equipped with CRC9 (SMB) connectors:
  • Huawei E122
  • Huawei E156G
  • Huawei E160
  • Huawei E160E
  • Huawei E160G
  • Huawei E169
  • Huawei E176
  • Huawei E600
  • Huawei E612
  • Huawei E618
  • Huawei E620
  • Huawei E630
  • Huawei E660A
  • Huawei E1820
  • Huawei E1823

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