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Directional antenna PANEL 8 HELIUM SL


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Designed for systems- HELIUM  the People's network , IoT M2M ( Machine to Machine )  Lora, Sigfox, XBee, RFID. Z-WAVE and etc.

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Designed for systems- HELIUM the People's network , IoT M2M ( Machine to Machine ) Lora, Sigfox, XBee, RFID. Z-WAVE and etc.
The non-line-of-sight (NLOS) scenario is far more common and presents challenges for all types of wireless systems, especially those in which one end of the link is mobile. When there is no clear line of sight, degradation will result from reflections, refraction, diffraction, scattering and atmospheric absorption. The multiple signals created by these factors will then arrive at the receiving antenna at different times, from different paths and with different strengths. The result will be a reduced link margin and decreased throughput, and in a worst-case scenario, make communications impossible.

Antennas can mitigate some of these problems using various techniques, the most common being polarization diversity. It is used in all types of wireless applications including cellular and the fixed wireless access (FWA) systems used in rural areas to deliver residential broadband service. Polarization diversity is basically the use of antenna systems that radiate signals in more than one polarization, such as horizontal and vertical.
Dual horizontal and vertical polarization has been used for many years in wireless systems, but has mostly been replaced by skewed polarization (see Figure 4). In the Helium Panel 8, after selecting the horizontal or vertical polarization (it depends on how the antenna holder is attached), the antenna radiator radiates at an angle (+45 degrees and -45 degrees). We recommend setting the antenna in vertical polarization which is the most common use case.

PANEL 868 MHz is carefully designed and construction directional antenna working in the unlicensed in Europe - 863-870MHz band.

Typical applications are monitoring and digital transmission of small amounts of data (up to 50 kbps)

  • RFID 
  • Tunnels, underground passages
  • Energy (wind, solar panels),
  • Intelligence Home
  • Internet of Things
  • Irrigation,
  • Telemetry,
  • RF sensor networks
  • tracking people and objects
  • geolocation,
  • safety of workers.
  • Covering a strictly defined area.

Key benefits:
Solid casing
Powder painted backplate
Radiators Protection ( with a special varnish )

Low level of side lobes
Adjustable mounting
Sector coverage
Sector optimalization

Product code: IP-G08-F8688-SL

Frequency band(s): a. 860-880
Frequency (min): 860MHz
Frequency (max): 880MHz
Gain: a. 8dBi
VSWR (max): 1.50:1
Polarization: Horizontal and Vertical
Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - horizontal: a. 70°
Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - vertical: a. 60°
FBR (Front/Back Ratio): >25dB
XPD (Cross Polarization Discrimination): >3dB
Max Composite Power: 50W
DC Ground: yes
Impedance: 50Ω

Connector: N female
Mounting Diameter: ø 38÷51mm
Dimensions (excl. mount): 223x223x28mm
Weight (incl. mount): 0.65kg

Enviroment: Outdoor
Windload: 160km/h
IP Rating: IP67
Temperature: -40°C ÷ +80°C

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