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UV LAMP SUN9S Plus 36W Hybryda


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LAMP Omega light 

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Why Omega light (Low Level LED) Treatment ?
OMEGA light is based on the PDT system. PDT stands for Photo Dynamic Therapy, with the
meaning of condyloma acuminata.
Condyloma acuminate is a photon chemical method where light sensitization is penetrated
into cells, after which rays with special wavelengths are irradiated in order to selectively damage
the desired cells.
OMEGA light can be applied to various treatment programs. Of those, it shows the best
effects in acne treatment. When light sensitization used to treat acne is applied on skin, it is
selectively absorbed into sebaceous glands and pores. When laser with special wavelengths
are irradiated, the acne germs within the pores are damaged.
OMEGA light destroys the acne causing bacteria to quickly treat inflammatory acne and
diminish sebum secretion, suppressing regeneration of acne for 6 to 12 months.
OMEGA light condyloma acuminata Beginning from wound treatment and pain relief, this
smart equipment OMEGA light can be used for skin regeneration, acne treatment, skin
cosmetics, recovery after surgery, hair growth treatment, obesity treatment, etc.
LLLT(Low Level Laser Therapy) PDT ray treatment
Now it is possible to provide customized treatment using LED, where laser treatment and
cutting edge technology have met, a technique in the spotlight of the world as the new skin
cosmetic and treatment of the 21st century.
Especially, the treatment method using LED provides effects such as wound treatment, pain
relief, etc., and has extended its area of application in the past 50 years to skin cosmetics, acne
treatment, recovery after surgery, hair growth treatment, obesity treatment, and many others.
OMEGA Light, using the medical LED with superior and strong high brightness, provides
outstanding effect in skin treatment, with diminished danger from heat damage or photo-aging
that can be observed in laser treatments. This ideal skin treatment equipment consists of 4
different wavelengths for the treatment of acne, promotion of hair growth, and the treatment of
various skin diseases in many areas.
The effect of LED irradiate depends on its construction in how much and how good the SLD
is. OMEGA Light consists 1014 special medical SLD bulbs with strong effects.


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UV LAMP SUN9S Plus 36W Hybryda

UV LAMP SUN9S Plus 36W Hybryda

LAMP Omega light 

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