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UHF 44/21-48 Tri-Digit TV antenna with LNA-17 amplifier


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The Tri-Digit antenna with the LNA-177 amplifier is a 44-element antenna adapted to receive DVB-T/T2 terrestrial television in the UHF band.

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The Tri-Digit dipole is a 44-element antenna for channels 21÷48, designed to receive DVB-T/T2 digital signals broadcast from terrestrial transmitters in the UHF band. It is characterized by small dimensions (length 105 cm) and high profit. The built-in amplifier provides a total antenna gain of up to 47 dBi.
The antenna will be successfully used in individual and collective installations. Parts of the antenna are made of aluminum, steel structural elements are galvanized. The Tri-Digit A2675 antenna is sold in a version convenient for the customer (it is 90% assembled) and packed individually in a box with attached instructions.
The antenna box contains the LNA-177 amplifier with a gain of 30 dB. The antenna cable is attached to it using the F connector. The set includes a power supply. If it is necessary to use a subscriber amplifier, it can be used to power the antenna amplifier.

Technical data:
Manufacturer: Dipol
Manufacturer code: A2675
Antenna type: TV DVB-T/T2
RTV antenna type: Directional

General information:
Number of elements: 44 pcs.
Dimensions: 1050x500x550mm
Weight: 1.51 kg
Packaging: Carton

Technical parameters:
Impedance: 300 ohms
Balancer: No
Band: UHF
Frequency range: 470 ÷ 694 MHz
Channels: 21 ÷ 48
Gain max.: 16.8 dBi
Radiation front / rear: 19 ÷ 26 dB
Polarization: H/V
Built-in Amplifier: Yes
Amplified band: UHF
max. mast/tube diameter: 50 mm

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