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DC 150W 10-32V Boost Module Step Up


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  1. OUT Tension: 10-32 V DC 
  2. OUT Current: 16A (max).
  3. INPUT tension: 12-35 V DC 
  4. OUT tension: 10A (max).
  5. Power after 65 W only if IN Tension is higher 20 V , to  150W need more cooler).
  6. Wydajność Konwersji: 94% (najwyższa).

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Performance parameter:
1.Input voltage: 10 ~ 32V DC (Note: the input voltage is less than 4V, the on board voltage meter failure)
2.Input current: 10A (max)
3.Output voltage: 3.5 ~ 35V DC (this board is a step-up in input voltage, output voltage to > =)
4.Output current: 16A (max)
5.Output power: 75W, (when the input voltage and the output voltage is greater than 20V can reach 128W)
6.Conversion efficiency:93.7% (the highest):

Warm tip: in the access of large power load,

  because just start impact current is big and limiting self-locking protection, suggest first boot, then access load.
10.Input reverse connection protection: none (such as the need to please in the input string into the high current diode).

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