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Balancing Charging PLATE for IMAX B6 REDOX LI-PO 2S-6S


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This product is used for simultaneously charging multiple lithium batteries(including LiPo, LiFe, and Li-ion types) in parallel.


Main Features:

Convenient to charge and balance up to six lithium batteries at the same time when used with a balance charger.

The charging time is significantly reduced since all batteries are balanced at the same time instead of balancing batteries one by one.

It can significantly accelerate battery charging speed. Taking six 2.2 Ah LiPo batteries as an example, if the pack is charged one by one at 1C rate (2.2A), typically it will take around six hours. When using the parallel charging board to charge all the packs at the same time, the charge rate can be set to 13.2 A (2.2x6=13.2A), and it will take only one hour for the packs to be fully charged and balanced.


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