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GSM Controller v4.2 is a small device with many functions. It can send sensor readings or execute on/off commands via SMS, call, MQTT (via GPRS data transmission to server or application). It also has the function of automating actions and sending notifications as a result of events or reaching a value.

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A distinctive feature of the new GSM Controller is the configuration via the website.
Taught by experience from selling previous versions of GSM Controllers, we know how difficult it can be to configure. Therefore, in the case of the new device, we wanted to reduce this operation to a simple selection on the website, as it is in the case of Lan Controller.
There is no extra cables needed, no driver installation and no special software needed. The customer simply inserts a SIM card, turns on the device, logs into his account and, by entering ID number of his device for the first time, adds it to the list of his devices.
Further settings are made through the configuration page on the server. The webpage uses the MQTT protocol to communicate with a device that uses GPRS data transmission.
In case the SIM card does not use the default Internet access settings, we provide in the installation procedure how to change the device settings via SMS.

Working modes:
• Control by calling from an authorized number (in effect, it will turn on the relay and e.g. open the gate).
• Control and receiving information via SMS.
• Controlling and receiving data via the server using the mqtt protocol.
• Local automation using conditions set on the device that may result in, for example, turning on the output depending on the sensor reading.
GSM Controller can work in all these modes simultaneously!

Basic features:

• 2 analog inputs: for the 0-5V and 0-33V range, for measuring voltage, direct current (additional sensors needed), temperature sensors, photoresistors - dusk sensor, pressure sensor and many others.
• Digital input in 1-Wire standard - measurement of up to 8 DS18B20 temperature probes.
• Digital input in I2C standard - for many different sensors or outputs extension.
• Serial bus (UART 3.3V).
• 2 logic inputs - as a status monitor (open/close door, PIR sensors, etc.), as button for manual switching.
• 1 relay (NO, C, NC).
• Measurement of supply voltage and temperature on the board.
• Configuration via the website.
• Support for SMS commands and notifications.
• Changing the output state by making a call from an authorized number.
• Support for up to 100 numbers authorized for the call function.
• Support for HTTP (GET) and MQTT communication protocols.
• Calibration of sensors.
• Calculating the difference of readings from inputs.

Technical specification:

Kit contents: 
• GSM Controller in housing
• DIN mounting base
• Antenna (omnidirectional, gain 2dBi)
• Supply cable (30cm with plug - 2mm pitch)
• Short hardware manual and configuration manual

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