AC grid voltage sensor LK3 TR12


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AC grid voltage sensor

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AC grid voltage sensor
For voltage changes monitoring in grid network, with AC current sensor SCT-030 also for  calculating consumption of electric power.
Connecting: AC230V connector to electric installation, AC12V connector to analog INP1-4A of Lan Controller v3. Next  TR12 option in input list shod be chosen.
Because of measurement inaccuracies we suggest calibrate sensor measure.
Using digital voltmeter measure grid voltage and correct correspondent input in cal window to achieve same results.
Then measurement will be reliable.
WARNING:  health or live hazard - grid voltage installation can be performed only by qualified perosonel. The sensor can be used ONLY with a base, preventing electric shock.
Technical data:
- input:  ~230VAC
- output: ~12V AC
- basement size: 66mm x 36mm x 18mm
- optional mounting on DIN rail: YES

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